Interview Thank You Note Musts


thank you note

Argh!  I have to write an interview thank you note? You’ve just spent all day interviewing. You want to kick back and review your day from the couch. Okay, you can have one drink and a two hour break but then write your thank you notes. Why? 22% of employers are less likely to hire… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Sales Brag Book – Paper or Digital?


pharmaceutical sales brag book

A pharmaceutical sales brag book remains as important today in the interview process as it was when this blog was originally written in 2017.  The difference? As with many things over the past year the pandemic has had an impact.  With remote interviewing the norm it is hard to leave-behind a brag book.  The need… Read more »

Counteroffer Truths


The success rate of counteroffers in large organizations is less than 20%. A counteroffer could provide a temporary spike in an employee’s level of motivation, but it is not sustainable and their motivation will typically fall back to their earlier unhappy level in a matter of weeks. Counteroffers have proven to be more of a… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Recruitment: 2017 Trends and 2018 Outlook


By second quarter 2017 fears of what the new President would do to the health care industry had calmed down. No change in the ACA seemed to be imminent and the President had backed off any conversation about drug pricing. Pharmaceutical companies hiring pace picked up along with the economy and the stock market. 2018… Read more »

25 Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Questions


Of course you know to prepare answers to the most common interview questions. Queries like, What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? Why do you want to work for our company? Why do you want to leave your current company? Why is there a gap in… Read more »

Drug Pricing Debate Continues in 2017


pharmaceutical drug pricing

Here’s the recent media history on drug pricing: President Trump saying drug companies are “getting away with murder” and he will work to “bring down drug prices.” High profile price hikes, secret pharmacy deals and arrested CEOs. List prices in other countries of 41% less for the same drugs. Revenues generated by premium pricing in… Read more »

Meet the Team: Nancy Ragonese, Pharmaceutical Sales Practice Lead


Nancy kept her bio all business.  Why?  Because she loves talent acquisition and wants to make sure you know that her career has been committed to helping her clients find the perfect candidate.  But just so you get to know her a little better…Nancy is an accomplished equestrian continuing to exercise a number of top… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Recruitment: 2016 Trends and 2017 Outlook


Caution characterizes the pharmaceutical Industry at the start of 2017. What is our new President going to do? Is he pro pharmaceutical business or con? Even with this wait-and-see approach we expect strong pockets of hiring in 2017. Some of the top trends in 2016 will also carry forward into 2017. Top 5 Trends in… Read more »

3 Ways for Pharma Sales Reps to Manage Physician’s Closed Doors


pharma sales reps

What was a pivotal statistic for pharma sales reps in 2015? According to a report put out by ZS Associates the number of physicians who limit in-person access to pharma sales reps crossed the halfway point in 2015, or 53% of doctors are closing the door to visiting reps. Why are physician’s doors closing? Integrated… Read more »

Pharma Sales Reps Change the World!


pharmaceutical market research best practices

During a speech last week at the 2016 ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) Conference Vice President Joe Biden, in his new directive from President Obama to “get us to the moon” in curing cancer, encouraged collaboration and team science within the field of oncology. “The whole world is looking to you. Your success can… Read more »