6 Things Market Research Job Searchers Are Asking For


There are many pieces to the market researcher’s career puzzle.  Here are the six trends we have seen candidates focusing on during their job search over the past year.   6. Industry When asked if they would be interested in working in a new industry the majority of candidates say yes. There are many commonalities… Read more »

Political Polls – What is going on?!


We will know the real results tomorrow, but why are political polls getting such a bad rap in the last couple of years? It seems like everything comes down to technology and how it is changing our lives. In this case you can blame the change on mobile phones. Phone Use for Political Polls In… Read more »

Research Supplier – 5 Steps to Stay On Top!


Research Supplier | Smith Hanley Associates

Quirk’s 2016 Corporate Research Report states: Quirk’s also quoted a common buyer of research supplier services concern: “I want research that is customized to my specific product category and business needs—I don’t want suppliers to force a cookie-cutter approach. I want a final report that contains a clearly-written story with implications and recommendations. I spend… Read more »