Data Science and Data Analytics Recruiter

  • Placing mid- to senior-level executives as a  data science recruiter,  data analytics recruiter with advanced analytics, statistical modeling, web and digital analytics, risk management and predictive modeling positions
  • Contact Paul Chatlos at 203.319-4304 or for all your data science and big data analytics hiring needs.

Industries Served

Online Media/Ecommerce
Financial Services

Skill Sets

Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Neural Network
Text Mining
Computer Vision
Predictive Analytics
Data Mining/Visualization
Market Mix Modeling

Computer Skills



Director, Chief, Manager, Lead
Data Scientist

Analyst to Vice President
Marketing Analytics
Credit Risk
Operations Research

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Nancy Darian, Midwest and Southwest

One of Nancy’s favorite hobbies is cooking for family and friends. And when she’s at the office, she does soup to nuts recruiting as team leader and executive recruiter for the marketing analytics and data science practice in the Midwest and South regions. She believes that the recipe for success involves working closely with both clients and candidates. Nancy knows that her clients have a lot on their plates and need recruiting assistance from a professional, so she focuses on serving up a menu of qualified candidates that fit her clients’ technical, industry and soft skill requirements. In her broad recruiting area, she hunts down cream of the crop candidates at all levels, from small potatoes to big enchiladas. Her overall assessment of her career at Smith Hanley? It’s been a fun way to bring home the bacon.

If you want to know what Nancy has been cooking up lately at Smith Hanley, send her a message at

Areas of Recruiting Expertise:
Data Analytics Recruiter, A/B testing, acquisition and loyalty analytics, ANOVA, Bayesian, big data, Business Objects, campaign analysis, CHAID, CART, churn analysis, cluster analysis, CPG analytics, CRM analytics, credit and risk analytics, customer lifetime value, data mining, data science, decision trees, demand planning, design of experiments, digital (web) analysis, discrete choice, DOE, factor analysis, forecasting, fraud detection analysis, Google Analytics, Hadoop, Hive, JMP, linear regression, logistic regression, machine learning, MANOVA, market mix modeling, marketing analytics, model validation, multivariate analysis, neural networks, Omniture, optimization, Pig, pricing analysis, predictive modeling, predictive analytics, POS data, promotion response analysis, propensity analysis, Python, R, ROI analysis, regression analysis, retention analysis, SAS, SPSS, SQL, segmentation analysis, scoring, site selection, statistical modeling, statistical analysis, survey analysis, time series analysis. Data Science Recruiter, Data Science Recruitment, Data Science Recruiting, Data Science Recruiters


Paul Chatlos, East and West Coasts

Paul specializes in the recruitment of quantitative marketing and data science professionals. He prides himself in building excellent relationships with both clients and candidates in order to best address their hiring needs and career goals.

Paul has spent the majority of his professional career in the recruitment industry. He has recruited sales and marketing professionals in the pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries as well has worked in physician recruitment. He holds a BS in psychology from James Madison University.

Areas of Expertise:
Data Analytics Recruiter, Analyst, Analytics, Analysis, Big Data, Business Analysis, Business Analyst, Data Analysis, Data Analyst Digital Analytics, Database Management, Data Mining, Data Scientist, Decision Science, Digital Analytics, Econometrician, Econometric Modeling, Forecasting, Machine Learning, Marketing Analytics, Market Research, Market Mix Modeling, Media Mix Modeling, Modeling, Pricing, Programming, Promotion Response, Sampling, Statistics, Statistical Analysis, Statistician, Survey Methodology, Web Analytics, R, SAS, Python, SQL,: Classification Methods including Neural Net, Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, KNN, SVM, Random Forest; Regression methods including Linear, Nonlinear, Boosted Regression Trees; Clustering methods such as K-means, Fuzzy C-means, Hierarchical Clustering, Mixture Modeling; Time-series Modeling using AR, ARMA, GARCH, Exponential Smoothing, also, Hypothesis Testing, Experiment Design, Hierarchical Modeling, Bayesian Inference, Java, Matlab, Octave, R, VBA, Linux, Shell Scripting, Map-Reduce, Hadoop, Hive, NoSQL ,: cognos, Informatica, OLAP, Oracle, Qlikview, Sybase, Spotfire, Teradata, MS-Access, Relational Databases, XML, JSON, PLSQL, NOSQL, Oracle 11g, MongoDB, Omniture, Google Analytics, and Spring Metrics. Data Science Recruiter, Data Science Recruitment, Data Science Recruiting, Data Science Recruiters.

Eda Zullo, Pharmaceutical

Eda joined Smith Hanley Associates in 2000. Her relationships with her clients and candidates is one of personalized, knowledgeable service. Helping companies develop and build groups, and working with candidates throughout their careers, are the hallmarks of her recruiting practice.Eda’s expertise is in the recruitment of pharmaceutical and biotech healthcare professionals in the quantitative and statistical area. Her practice is within the marketing analytics space that concentrates in marketing science, sales analytics, forecasting and promotion response.

Before joining Smith Hanley Associates, Eda spent more than 20 years in the nonprofit sector with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). She had regional sales and marketing responsibilities in metropolitan New York. With expertise in membership development, special events and promotions, Eda fostered strong business relationships with corporations through strategic alliances and partnerships throughout her tenure. She holds a BA in sociology from Rosemont College.

Areas of Expertise:
Data Analytics Recruiter, Pharma, Biotech, Healthcare, Medical Device, Management Science, Marketing Science, Sales and Marketing Analytics, Forecasting, Call Planning and Targeting, Sales and Commercial Effectiveness, Promotion Response Analysis, Territory Alignment, Sales Force Size and Structure, Marketing Mix Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Big Data, SAS, R, Hadoop, SQAL, SPSS, Spotfire, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Office.