Our Mission

At Smith Hanley, we take a focused view of recruiting. Since opening our doors in 1980, we’ve concentrated on just a few specific functional areas. We’ve dedicated ourselves to knowing these areas inside and out. We’ve focused on finding the perfect fit between clients and candidates for highly specialized positions within those highly specialized functions.

From the inception of a search to its successful outcome, we strive to make the recruiting process seamless.

For Our Clients

We are committed to knowing you, our client. Because we’re established experts in your field, we focus all our efforts on learning more about your specific business, your company’s culture and your position requirements. It’s how we find the perfect fit for the highly specialized positions within your highly specialized industry. Your niche is our niche.

For Our Candidates

We’re equally committed to knowing our candidates. We become coaches in your success. A resume doesn’t tell the whole story. That’s why we take the time to discover your capabilities, strengths, goals, and interests. It is only through understanding your long-term career path that we can confidently find you the right fit with the right employer. And when the fit is right, everyone succeeds.

Welcome to Smith Hanley

Here at Smith Hanley we would like to take a minute to tell you a little about ourselves, introduce you to some of our wonderful recruiters and let you know how excited we are to work with you!

Our History

Two Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute grads, Brant Smith and Tom Hanley, partner to form Smith Hanley Associates.  They open their first office in New York City.

Rick Wastrom joins Smith Hanley Associates to assist in the development of a Quantitative Analyst recruiting practice and lays the groundwork for Smith Hanley’s Financial Strategies Group.

Jacque Paige joins Smith Hanley Associates to build the Data Science and Analytics recruiting practice. She adds pharmaceutical sales and medical science liaisons, market research, consumer credit, actuarial science and digital marketing recruiting to her group.

The Midwest office of Smith Hanley opens in Chicago in response to the demands of the rapidly growing Data Science and Consumer Credit recruiting practices.

Jud Smith joins the burgeoning Financial Strategies Group, specializing in portfolio management and technology recruitment.

Smith Hanley Associates initiates a new biostatistics contract business. The purchase of MedFocus that same year exponentially furthers this enterprise.

InVentiv Health, a billion-dollar pharmaceutical services company, purchases Smith Hanley to integrate our industry-leading biostatistics contract business with their other contract practices.

Smith Hanley marks its 25th year anniversary, celebrating enduring success in maintaining long-term, effective client partnerships in a variety of significant industry markets.

Tom Hanley, Rick Wastrom, Jacque Paige and Jud Smith purchase Smith Hanley Associates from inVentiv Health retaining the well-known brand, extensive database, and seasoned and successful staff.

With Tom, Rick, Jacque and Jud at the helm, and 30 employees between offices in Chicago, NYC and Connecticut, Smith Hanley maintains and builds on its honored reputation as a “leader in the executive search field.”