Why to Use a Recruiter, and How to Get the Most out of Them


Using a Recruiter

In my prior life as a consumer insights professional, I viewed recruiters/headhunters as part of my network of professional colleagues. I was always happy to take their calls to hear about jobs being offered. Since I’ve transitioned into a recruitment role, however, I’ve been exposed to a multitude of research professionals who have a more… Read more »

Employers: 10 Reasons to Use a Recruiter


Reasons to Use a Recruiter | Smith Hanley Associates

Why You Should Use a Niche Recruiter to Fill Your Opening 1. Recruiters spend every day, day in and day out, finding the specialized candidates you need. They don’t just talk to ad responses. They attend professional conferences and seminars talking to passive candidates and turning them into active candidates. They have in-house databases of thousands… Read more »