Mind-Boggling Big Data Statistics – Fact or Fiction?!


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Every statistic about Big Data is mind-boggling but many of them seem to be without cited sources and are used over and over again as they take on a life and an accepted truth of their own on the internet. We’ve made some comparisons between a September 2015 blog by Forbes and more recent statistics…. Read more »

Meet the Team: Nihar Parikh, Analytics and Data Science Recruiter


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If you look real fast, you can see Nihar Parikh speeding around the streets of Chicago on his new carbon fiber bike.  To survive those busy and icy streets, Nihar uses the same skills that make him a great recruiter:  steadiness, speed and efficiency.  Nihar has proven himself to be an insightful assessor of technical… Read more »

Meet the Team: Nancy Darian, Analytics and Data Science Recruiter


Go Cubbies!  Ever since Nancy Darian relocated to the Chicago area to attend Northwestern University she has been a die-hard Cubs fan.  Her dreams came true this year when the Cubs won the World Series.  She would like to help you realize your career dreams in analytics and data science.  Put her 12 years of statistical… Read more »