Word versus PDF: What is the Right Resume Format?


actuaries vs IT

The only opinion that matters in the decision of which resume format to use is what the person or system you are sending the resume to wants. Almost always the answer is Word. The reason? The prevalence of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Companies large and small use some form of an ATS. Large companies may… Read more »

Interview Checklist – Prepare, Onsite and Post Interview


Some of these tips may seem overly obvious, but it never hurts to have an interview checklist.   Prepare Research the company! This is critical. You are not expected to know everything about the company, however, you will be expected to discuss and ask intelligent questions about the company. Review their performance in the marketplace…. Read more »

Top 5 Skills Needed to be a Credit Risk Analyst


credit risk analyst

Interested in a financial services career? Candidates to be a Credit Risk Analyst are in demand as long as they have these skills:   SAS/SQL, R and Python In today’s banking environment SAS/SQL is still the analytical industry standard. However, R & Python are quickly gaining steam and are being implemented in the cultures of… Read more »

Data Science Can Save Traditional Banking


One-third of Millennials don’t think they will need a bank at all in five years. From big internet giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon to small, innovative startups such as Square, CreditKarma and TransferWire, traditional banking is being threatened from all sides. How is the banking industry responding to these generational changes and competitive… Read more »

Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics – A Critical Career Credential!


MSL Interview

The Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) launched course offerings at the end of 2016 to grant credentials in Predictive Analytics. Kudos to the CAS in creating this accreditation, but it is really a “better late than never” step versus a cutting edge change for actuaries. Reader’s Digest, a powerhouse magazine at the time, was doing the… Read more »

Why Being an Actuary is So Exciting!


Data Scientists and the Metaverse

An actuary’s primary responsibility is to calculate expected insurance losses and risks. Seem boring? Too Vanilla? Not true! While the existing stereotype about a career in insurance is that it will be boring, the reality is actually quite different. Insurance is on track to become one of the most diverse and exciting industries for two… Read more »

14.5% (!)Premium Increase for Workman’s Compensation Policies


Increase for Workman's Compensation Policies

    “Unfortunately, the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling is not about safety or protecting workers. The effect of the Castellanos decision is to raise costs for no other reason than so plaintiff trial lawyers can raise fees, “ said Mark Wilson, the Florida Chamber of Commerce President. Rulings at the Florida Supreme Court in Castellanos… Read more »