Top 5 Skills Needed to be a Credit Risk Analyst


credit risk analyst

Interested in a financial services career? Candidates to be a Credit Risk Analyst are in demand as long as they have these skills:   SAS/SQL, R and Python In today’s banking environment SAS/SQL is still the analytical industry standard. However, R & Python are quickly gaining steam and are being implemented in the cultures of… Read more »

Data Science Trends 2015 to 2016


Never before has business analytics led worldwide discussion as it did in 2015. Data Science and the amount and depth of data being analyzed captured interest from Wall Street to John Q Public’s concern about privacy. Here are some of the trends we saw in 2015 and how they will impact hiring in 2016. The… Read more »

Are Actuaries the Data Scientists of the Future?


To truly be Data Scientists other industries require marketing and business statisticians to broaden their software skills beyond SAS and R to Hive and Python. We are starting to see the insurance industry ask more of their actuarial hires in their software and database skills. Historically, actuaries haven’t had the need for sophisticated programming skills…. Read more »