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4 Steps to Choosing the Right Career

You find yourself being frustrated with your job every day. Springing out of bed in the morning in anticipation of a great day is something from the distant past. You have regrets about a career

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Biostatistician – Where Are You Headed?

The use of statistics to support discovery and testing of new medicines has grown exponentially since the 1962 Kefauver-Harris Amendments. These amendments required drug sponsors to prove a product’s safety and efficacy in controlled clinical

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Drug Pricing Debate Continues in 2017

Here’s the recent media history on drug pricing: President Trump saying drug companies are “getting away with murder” and he will work to “bring down drug prices.” High profile price hikes, secret pharmacy deals and

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PMSA 2017 – Discover the Magic!

If you work in the pharmaceutical industry and are a Data Scientist or Marketing Scientist or work in Commercial Analytics, Business Intelligence or Market Research, attending the PMSA 2017 is a must. What? The non-profit

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Statistical Communication – A Seat at the Table

Statistical Communication became critical when pharmaceutical companies recognized the need to include statisticians earlier in clinical trial design and trial strategy. The strict requirements of regulatory authorities for granting market access meant decisions made in

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Pharma Sales Reps Change the World!

During a speech last week at the 2016 ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) Conference Vice President Joe Biden, in his new directive from President Obama to “get us to the moon” in curing cancer,

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