Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry has been limited by the pervasive regulatory environment and the need to ensure data privacy on patient information. The lack of general understanding of these techniques and a reluctance to be open to the utilization of the cloud means these… Read more »

A Retailer’s Survival is Dependent on Artificial Intelligence


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Artificial Intelligence global revenue was $643.7 million in 2016. It is expected to balloon to $36.8 billion by 2025. 44% of all U.S. Ecommerce sales in 2017 went to Amazon. Amazon says that 33% of their sales were driven by their machine-learning-powered recommendation algorithm. Netflix attributes 75% of the content that is considered by their… Read more »

Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


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In researching what is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, there was an interesting article by Forbes and one by AdWeek. Great, credible sources. One said Machine Learning (ML) was part of generalized Artificial Intelligence (AI) and one said ML was part of applied AI. Both agreed there were two types of AI,… Read more »

Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist: Best Jobs for 2018


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Raul Amoros, Director of Content Development at, a cost information website, published an analysis of The Best Jobs in the U.S. for 2018 based on salary and opportunity. Who’s on top? Machine Learning Engineer at $136K average base salary and 166% growth over the past three years. Number 2? Data Scientist at an average… Read more »



WOW! What a GREAT conference the Pharmaceutical Marketing Science Association (PMSA) put on for 3 ½ days at the end of April in San Antonio, TX. WHY? Almost 300 pharmaceutical commercial analytics professionals discussed the “next generation” of analytics. Here are some key takeaways on that hot topic presented at the conference. PMSA generously shares… Read more »

Machine Learning: Courses and Resources


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“It is nearly unanimous in most circles which machine learning course is best for newcomers: Andrew Ng’s Coursera offering,” says KD Nuggets. This is the class released in 2011 that sparked the founding of Coursera, a juggernaut in online education. The course is acclaimed online and has a 4.7 star review over 422 ratings. Wait…. Read more »

IoT and Insurtech: Revolutionaries of the Insurance World


The insurance industry is one of the oldest business models around. There are many reasons for its longevity, but the chief reason is that it is incredibly cautious, risk driven and favors experience above innovation. Insurtech aims to wring out efficiency and savings from the incumbent insurance models through this much-feared innovation. It explores areas… Read more »

Machine Learning, IoT and Unlocking Your Earning Potential


Internet of Things | Smith Hanley Associates

The Analytical Recruiters at Smith Hanley Associates share with you the hottest trend in the data science job market for 2017, machine learning, the hottest trend for the future, IoT, and where your compensation should be in this competitive marketplace.   I’m a statistical modeler. Why do I need machine learning experience?   Data. Data…. Read more »