IoT and Insurtech: Revolutionaries of the Insurance World


The insurance industry is one of the oldest business models around. There are many reasons for its longevity, but the chief reason is that it is incredibly cautious, risk driven and favors experience above innovation. Insurtech aims to wring out efficiency and savings from the incumbent insurance models through this much-feared innovation. It explores areas… Read more »

Can Analytics of Things (AoT) Keep Up?


McKinsey Global Institute reported that in 2015 there were an estimated 10 billion connected devices globally with a financial impact of $2 trillion. By 2020 the number of connected devices will have increased to 75 billion with a $12 trillion global economic impact. Data Floq reported in October 2016, “The sensor technology behind the IoT… Read more »

Machine Learning, IoT and Unlocking Your Earning Potential


Internet of Things | Smith Hanley Associates

The Analytical Recruiters at Smith Hanley Associates share with you the hottest trend in the data science job market for 2017, machine learning, the hottest trend for the future, IoT, and where your compensation should be in this competitive marketplace.   I’m a statistical modeler. Why do I need machine learning experience?   Data. Data…. Read more »