10 Interview Day No-no’s


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You didn’t get the job offer. Why? Perhaps you did one of the ten no-no’s below. Use this checklist for easy things NOT TO DO on your next interview. 1. Fail to research the company. At a minimum review the backgrounds of the interviewers on LinkedIn BEFORE your interview day. Googling the company or reading… Read more »

7 Interview Salary Discussion No-no’s


Timing and honesty are everything in salary discussions….probably in life, too! When to have a salary discussion in the interview process and how to present your current compensation and justify your expected compensation should all be well thought out before you start interviewing. Your recruiter can be a great help in setting your strategy, offering… Read more »

10 Skype Interview Do’s


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  Many of our clients conduct two to three phone interviews before a final in-person visit to the company. It pays to be prepared for one of those phone interviews to be an online video. What is the number one tip for Skype interviewing? LOOK AT THE CAMERA NOT AT THE PICTURE OF YOUR INTERVIEWER… Read more »

Three Bad Interviewers and How To Deal With Them


Interview 101

It’s surprising how difficult the interview process can be. We always counsel our candidates and clients to strive for a dialogue in your interview versus a question and answer session. This is not always possible when your interviewer is inexperienced, nervous or just in a bad mood. Here are some suggestions for dealing with poor… Read more »

Four Must-Dos Before You Interview


Just last week one of our clients rejected an excellent candidate for their open position because she went through the in-person interview process without taking any notes. A minor mistake that had major negative impact. The following recommendations may sound like Interviewing 101 but it is amazing how unprepared one can be for interviews. Here… Read more »