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body language

Body Language No-no’s

Everyone knows the value of a good handshake: too wimpy and you come across as lacking in confidence and too strong and you will seem arrogant. Practicing your handshake with people of all sizes and

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10 Interview Day No-no’s

You didn’t get the job offer. Why? Perhaps you did one of the ten no-no’s below. Use this checklist for easy things NOT TO DO on your next interview. 1. Fail to research the company.

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7 Interview Salary Discussion No-no’s

Timing and honesty are everything in salary discussions….probably in life, too! When to have a salary discussion in the interview process and how to present your current compensation and justify your expected compensation should all

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end your job interview

10 Skype Interview Do’s

  Many of our clients conduct two to three phone interviews before a final in-person visit to the company. It pays to be prepared for one of those phone interviews to be an online video.

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Four Must-Dos Before You Interview

Just last week one of our clients rejected an excellent candidate for their open position because she went through the in-person interview process without taking any notes. A minor mistake that had major negative impact.

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