7 Interview Salary Discussion No-no’s


Timing and honesty are everything in salary discussions….probably in life, too! When to have a salary discussion in the interview process and how to present your current compensation and justify your expected compensation should all be well thought out before you start interviewing. Your recruiter can be a great help in setting your strategy, offering… Read more »

Regulatory Impact and Big Data in the Financial Services Industry


Commercial Analytics Career

Data applications in the financial services industry in 2015 largely focused on reducing risk, meeting regulatory objectives and bolstering fraud detection. There was also an emphasis on expanding the credit population through the use of alternative data. The merits of using big data raised questions and concerns and often resulted in more regulatory interference. Size… Read more »

Beat the Odds at PMSA in Las Vegas


Viva Las Vegas! From April 17 through April 20 300+ management scientists in the pharmaceutical industry will descend on Las Vegas for their annual conference.  This year’s theme is: Game Changing Analytics: The Odds are in Your Favor. The non-profit sponsoring group for this event is the PMSA, Pharmaceutical Management Science Association. The PMSA’s stated… Read more »

Smith Hanley Celebrates 36th Anniversary!


On March 1, 2016 Smith Hanley Associates celebrated our 36th anniversary as a firm. Our President, Tom Hanley, still leads our firm and the three other partners of the firm have combined tenure at Smith Hanley of 80 years! We pride ourselves on retaining our best and most effective recruiters to better serve our clients… Read more »

18 Resume No-no’s


Resume Bad Habits | Smith Hanley Associates

Two minutes. Twenty seconds. Six seconds. Research quoted times for how long someone will look at your resume. DO NOT clutter your resume with these 18 unnecessary items. 18 Resume No-Nos! from Smith Hanley Associates     1. Your full legal name Put the name you go by at the top of the resume. This… Read more »

How to Talk About Relocation for a New Job


Relocation for a New Job | Smith Hanley Associates

Willing to move for a new job? NOT willing to move? Clarity in communicating your desires and reasonable and informed reasons for those desires is critical in convincing your recruiter or human resources contact to consider you for their non-local opening. Relocation flexibility will significantly increase the number of positions you can pursue but be… Read more »

Market Research 2016: Adapt or Die?


Mr. Web published an article, “Full-Service MR Firms: ‘Half Gone within Five Years’?” The GreenBook blog argues that the shift to shorter, mobile surveys is actually a growth phase for market research and these emerging methods don’t predict the decline of market research but the change and ascension of a new way of doing business…. Read more »

Pharmaceutical Recruitment: 2016 Outlook


For 2016 Smith Hanley Associates is proud to announce the return of Tracey Gmoser to our Biostatistics practice. We are excited to have her 30 years of client and candidate experience to lead our Biostatistics team. Nihar Parikh will also bring his 10+ years of statistical recruiting experience to this practice area. This Clinical Practice… Read more »

Data Scientist – 2016 Best Job in America


The Data Science juggernaut continues. Glassdoor ranked Data Scientist as the best job in America for 2016. Yes, that’s right. It is #1. Glassdoor based their ranking on the number of job openings on their site, median base salary and a career opportunities rating. Interestingly Data Scientist didn’t get the #1 spot by having the… Read more »

Actuarial Hiring Trends for 2016


actuaries growth

As long as companies continue to focus on offsetting financial risk, job security and career growth for actuaries is assured. Innovation is creating more and different opportunities for candidates who are open to change and willing to expand their statistical knowledge to new applications. The increasing competition between insurance companies and consulting firms will continue… Read more »