Statistical Communication – A Seat at the Table


Statistical Communication became critical when pharmaceutical companies recognized the need to include statisticians earlier in clinical trial design and trial strategy. The strict requirements of regulatory authorities for granting market access meant decisions made in the clinical trial design could help minimize the sample size of a single study or reduce the time needed for… Read more »

ROI of Engaging a Retained Search Recruiter


There is perception out there that the practice of retaining an Executive Retained Search company is for hiring in C-Suite and mostly by Fortune 100 companies. Most worry about the risk of paying an advance retainer just in case the recruiting company does not deliver. Others feel they lose something if they do an exclusive… Read more »

Research Supplier – 5 Steps to Stay On Top!


Research Supplier | Smith Hanley Associates

Quirk’s 2016 Corporate Research Report states: Quirk’s also quoted a common buyer of research supplier services concern: “I want research that is customized to my specific product category and business needs—I don’t want suppliers to force a cookie-cutter approach. I want a final report that contains a clearly-written story with implications and recommendations. I spend… Read more »

Basel IV – Are More Regulations on the Way?


Banking Regulations | Smith Hanley Associates

What can the banking industry expect with the new regulations coming out of Basel? History 2004 Basel II 2008 – 2009 The Financial Crisis!!!!!! 2014 Basel III  (Better known as the Revised Securitization Framework) Formalization of a series of reforms that were implemented after the financial crisis to determine the relevant amount of regulatory capital… Read more »

I’m an Actuary. Can I be a Data Scientist?


The Data Science revolution is not going away and it pays for actuaries to prepare for the impact that big data is having on the insurance industry and their careers. The Healthcare and Property and Casualty industries have led the way in establishing the Data Science/Actuary hybrid. Josh Wills, Director of Data Engineering at Slack… Read more »

Two Ways To Further Your Statistical Career


The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Analytics Community offers you two ways to further your statistical career. 1. Read the DMA Analytics Community 2016 Journal Free if you are a member of the DMA and $49 for an electronic version if you aren’t.  Here is a table of contents: DIRECT MARKETING ANALYTICS JOURNAL 2016 A PUBLICATION… Read more »

Interview Body Language Tips and a Life-Changing Video


When you are in the reception area waiting to be called for your interview what are you doing?  You are looking at your phone, hunched over a magazine, slouched in your seat, your legs are probably crossed.  If we believe that the way we carry ourselves, our body language, can change our minds, your body is not… Read more »

Market Research: A Necessity for Social Media Marketing


working in an office

Increased exposure (90%) and increased traffic (77%) are the top two benefits of social media marketing according to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report put out by But the #1 question marketers have, 88% in this same report, is how to measure their ROI on their social media activities. Market Researchers need to fill this… Read more »