Expert Interview: Data Scientist Career Development


Jacque Paige is the Managing Partner of Executive Recruiters, Smith Hanley Associates, specializing in the contingency placement of data scientists and other analytical specialists. You can reach her at or 203.319-4310. recently checked in with Jacque to get her insight on the job market for data scientists and what those in the field should… Read more »

How Big Data is Influencing Data Science


pharmaceutical commercial analytics

Businesses today have almost limitless sources of data and one of their biggest challenges is figuring out what to do with it. With advances in processing technology, the connectedness of smart phones and social networking, businesses are relying on real-time data to help them make more informed and more relevant decisions. It is becoming almost… Read more »

Best Job in America: Data Scientist!


Data Scientists and the Metaverse

A recent Glassdoor report ranks the 50 best jobs in America by job satisfaction, salary and number of openings on their website. Three of the top five jobs are in the data analytics field: #1 is Data Scientist, #3 is Data Engineer and #5 is Analytics Manager. Why are these positions in such demand, how… Read more »

Can Analytics of Things (AoT) Keep Up?


McKinsey Global Institute reported that in 2015 there were an estimated 10 billion connected devices globally with a financial impact of $2 trillion. By 2020 the number of connected devices will have increased to 75 billion with a $12 trillion global economic impact. Data Floq reported in October 2016, “The sensor technology behind the IoT… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Recruitment: 2016 Trends and 2017 Outlook


Caution characterizes the pharmaceutical Industry at the start of 2017. What is our new President going to do? Is he pro pharmaceutical business or con? Even with this wait-and-see approach we expect strong pockets of hiring in 2017. Some of the top trends in 2016 will also carry forward into 2017. Top 5 Trends in… Read more »

Risk Analytics Could Grow by 14%


Risk analytics has been highly utilized in the financial services sector for some time but it is becoming increasingly popular among every other corporate sector. SBWire reports, “new developments in the risk analytics are transforming the market and enhancing its capability.” This includes the use of real time risk analytics solutions to examine and calculate… Read more »

Meet the Team: Nihar Parikh, Biostatistics Recruiter


biostatistics recruiter

If you look real fast, you can see Nihar Parikh speeding around the streets of Chicago on his new carbon fiber bike.  To survive those busy and icy streets, Nihar uses the same skills that make him a great recruiter:  steadiness, speed and efficiency.  Nihar has proven himself to be an insightful assessor of technical… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Analytics: 2017 Trends and Salary Scale


Smith Hanley Associates‘ Pharmaceutical Recruiters thank you for your business in 2016 and look forward to working with you in 2017. Reviewing 2016 and making some predictions for 2017, along with our ever-popular salary scale, gets us ready for the New Year. We hope you find it useful as well. All the best for 2017!… Read more »

Machine Learning, IoT and Unlocking Your Earning Potential


Internet of Things | Smith Hanley Associates

The Analytical Recruiters at Smith Hanley Associates share with you the hottest trend in the data science job market for 2017, machine learning, the hottest trend for the future, IoT, and where your compensation should be in this competitive marketplace.   I’m a statistical modeler. Why do I need machine learning experience?   Data. Data…. Read more »

Asking Everyone and their Brother for Resume Advice


Asking Everyone for Resume Advice

I’m not going to tell you not to seek out resume advice. People feel very exposed when asking someone to critique their personal resume. Naturally they turn to people who love them to give the advice. Unless the people who love you work in the same line of work as you, they CANNOT comment on the… Read more »