Machine Learning: Courses and Resources


machine learning engineers

“It is nearly unanimous in most circles which machine learning course is best for newcomers: Andrew Ng’s Coursera offering,” says KD Nuggets. This is the class released in 2011 that sparked the founding of Coursera, a juggernaut in online education. The course is acclaimed online and has a 4.7 star review over 422 ratings. Wait…. Read more »

PMSA 2017 – Discover the Magic Recap


PMSA 2017 was held last week in Orlando with a theme of Discover the Magic. It was a terrific conference with over 300 analytic professionals in attendance. If you aren’t familiar with the PMSA (Pharmaceutical Management Science Association) and work in analytics in the health care industry, you are missing out on a great resource… Read more »

Biostatistician – Where Are You Headed?


The use of statistics to support discovery and testing of new medicines has grown exponentially since the 1962 Kefauver-Harris Amendments. These amendments required drug sponsors to prove a product’s safety and efficacy in controlled clinical trials in order to take a product to market. The statistician’s role “to assist the process of developing medicines which… Read more »

Biostatistics – Why Choose This Career?


biostatistics career

U.S. News and World Report said the Best Job in 2016 was statistician. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says jobs in statistics are expected to grow 34% from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the 7% average for all occupations. Add an interest in working in public health and a chance to positively impact… Read more »

Drug Pricing Debate Continues in 2017


pharmaceutical drug pricing

Here’s the recent media history on drug pricing: President Trump saying drug companies are “getting away with murder” and he will work to “bring down drug prices.” High profile price hikes, secret pharmacy deals and arrested CEOs. List prices in other countries of 41% less for the same drugs. Revenues generated by premium pricing in… Read more »

PMSA 2017 – Discover the Magic!


If you work in the pharmaceutical industry and are a Data Scientist or Marketing Scientist or work in Commercial Analytics, Business Intelligence or Market Research, attending the PMSA 2017 is a must. What? The non-profit Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) mission is to meet society’s pharmaceutical needs through the use of management science. They raise… Read more »

I’m an Actuary. How I Can Become a Data Scientist?


You’ve earned your ACAS or your FSA. You’re pleased with your level of success but a little concerned about your distance from actual statistical work. How can you continue to move ahead in responsibility and compensation, yet do the work you love? Data Science is fulfilling this need for Actuaries. How do you become a… Read more »

8 Interview Thank you Note No-no’s


8 Interview Thank You Note No-No's from Smith Hanley Associates Confused about the best way to handle that difficult after-the-interview thank you note? Get step-by-step instructions in the attached SlideShare on DON’Ts for doing your thank you notes. Interested in more personal, individual assistance?  Contact Jacque Paige, Executive Recruiter at Smith Hanley Associates, to assist… Read more »

Happy 37th Birthday, Smith Hanley!


With over 80 years of combined recruiting experience, the partners at Smith Hanley Associates, Tom Hanley, Rick Wastrom, Jacque Paige and Jud Smith, bring a wealth of knowledge, contacts and over 20 other well-trained recruiters within the firm to serve your hiring and job search needs.  As the need for quants on Wall Street and… Read more »

Risk Management – Top Career in 2017


Risk Management | Smith Hanley

Risk Management Director is the #2 position of “solid career growth” in a study done by Qualigence International. They focused on 10 year job growth as well as median pay. This contrasts to our blog of February 21 where Glassdoor said the Best Job in America was Data Scientist. Their criteria was job satisfaction, salary… Read more »