Biostatistics Career – A Choice That Makes a Difference


biostatistics career

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the statistician job will grow 33% from 2019 to 2029 – one of the top ten fastest growing jobs in the U.S. It is in the top five for highest median salary at $91,160. Add in that you will be working in public health and having a positive impact… Read more »

Pi Day – Why You Should Celebrate on March 14


pi day

Pi Day is celebrated on 3/14 because those are the first three numbers of the infinite string of numbers that make up Pi, 3.14. The Greek letter Pi is the symbol for the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The number Pi is extremely useful to engineers and scientists when solving… Read more »

Symposium on Data Science and Statistics (SDSS)


The American Statistical Association (ASA) has historically served the academic and biostatistical market place better than the non-pharmaceutical non-academic world. Recently they have made great strides in reaching out to broader users of statistical techniques. The Data Science juggernaut has probably been a significant influencer on that effort. The ASA’s Symposium on Data Science and… Read more »

Counteroffer Truths


The success rate of counteroffers in large organizations is less than 20%. A counteroffer could provide a temporary spike in an employee’s level of motivation, but it is not sustainable and their motivation will typically fall back to their earlier unhappy level in a matter of weeks. Counteroffers have proven to be more of a… Read more »

Job Interview Nerves? Here’s 3 Ways to Fight Back


Your palms are sweaty. Your voice is shaky. You face is flushed and your mouth is dry. You are probably talking too fast and bouncing your leg when you sit down. Your heart is racing and your stomach is in knots. Job Interview Nerves?  Here are three ways to fight back.   Physical To-Do’s for… Read more »

The Basics – Answer These 40 Interview Questions BEFORE You Start a Job Search


pharmaceutical sales interview questions

You’ve had a successful career.  You are rising to the top of your profession and ready to take the skills you’ve learned to the next level.  Time to start a job search. STOP!  Do not send out that resume until you have prepared yourself.  With hard work you can be prepared in a week.  If… Read more »

Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics – Review of 2017 and 2018 Predictions


2017 Overview The pharmaceutical industry began 2017 very cautiously.  It was unclear how President Trump and his agenda were going to affect the industry. That lack of clarity led to slow hiring in the first half of 2017. As it became clear that President Trump’s attention was going to be focused elsewhere, the second half… Read more »

Competing for Talent in a Candidate Driven Market


Competing for Talent in a candidate driven market can be tricky to navigate. To be successful requires the understanding of a few key data points: the fundamentals of supply and demand, unemployment rates and labor statistics, the value your organization can offer, and efficiency. Having a clear understanding of these key points will certainly help… Read more »