How to Transition from Academia to Corporate Data Science


A 2015 Moody’s study predicted that the closure rates of small colleges and universities will triple in the coming years and mergers will double. This rate could lead to 15 institutions a year shutting their doors for good.  The pursuit of tenure track academic positions becomes more difficult and more risky as a result.  Opening… Read more »

You Don’t Need a Data Scientist to Talk to Your Data


Natural Language Processing got a boost in utilization and exposure through Tableau’s recent acquisition of ClearGraph in early August. Data Scientist’s are using data visualization for storytelling that can sway the hearts and minds of their company’s decision makers. Now those decision makers can ask the database for the information they want in the same… Read more »

Data Science Can Save Traditional Banking


One-third of Millennials don’t think they will need a bank at all in five years. From big internet giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon to small, innovative startups such as Square, CreditKarma and TransferWire, traditional banking is being threatened from all sides. How is the banking industry responding to these generational changes and competitive… Read more »

DMA Analytics Journal – 2017


If you haven’t heard of this before, and you are a marketing analytics/data science practitioner, this is a resource for you. Published annually the Data and Marketing Association Journal is juried by statistical experts in the fields of direct and digital marketing. The original articles are written by data scientists, academicians and experienced practitioners in… Read more »

Data Scientist Fun Facts for 2017


In 2015 67% of data scientists were happy or very happy in their job. What has happened in the last two years? 88% of all data scientists are now happy or very happy in their job. Interested in why this increase, or whether you should pursue a career in this area? CrowdFlower gives us lots… Read more »

I’m an Actuary. Can I be a Data Scientist?


Actuary Becoming a Data Scientist

The data science revolution is impacting actuarial careers.  We are re-running our very popular 8/8/16 blog titled:  I’m an Actuary.  Can I be a Data Scientist? to open the discussion on how actuaries can augment their skill set to take advantage of the explosion of available data.  What do you need to do as an… Read more »

Why Being an Actuary is So Exciting!


Data Scientists and the Metaverse

An actuary’s primary responsibility is to calculate expected insurance losses and risks. Seem boring? Too Vanilla? Not true! While the existing stereotype about a career in insurance is that it will be boring, the reality is actually quite different. Insurance is on track to become one of the most diverse and exciting industries for two… Read more »

How Big Data is Influencing Data Science


pharmaceutical commercial analytics

Businesses today have almost limitless sources of data and one of their biggest challenges is figuring out what to do with it. With advances in processing technology, the connectedness of smart phones and social networking, businesses are relying on real-time data to help them make more informed and more relevant decisions. It is becoming almost… Read more »