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PMSA 2023 conference review

PMSA 2023 Annual Conference Review

Here is what Jing Jin, Director at Sage Therapeutics, had to say on LinkedIn after attending the May 2023 PMSA (Pharmaceutical Management Science Association) Conference in San Diego: “…this transformative event has reenergized my commitment

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PMSA 2018 Next Generation Analytics Conference

“I am certain that personalized marketing to our customers is just around the corner. Machine learning will enable us to take concepts developed by companies like Google and Netflix and translate them into models appropriate

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4 Steps to Choosing the Right Career

You find yourself being frustrated with your job every day. Springing out of bed in the morning in anticipation of a great day is something from the distant past. You have regrets about a career

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PMSA 2017 – Discover the Magic!

If you work in the pharmaceutical industry and are a Data Scientist or Marketing Scientist or work in Commercial Analytics, Business Intelligence or Market Research, attending the PMSA 2017 is a must. What? The non-profit

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