What Smith Hanley Recruiters are Saying About the Pandemic Job Market


smith hanley recruiters

Business is continuing for Smith Hanley Recruiters but it certainly isn’t business as usual.  The white collar job market still feels like there is a 3.5% unemployment rate and our clients are anxious to get the help they need. To find candidates for their hard-to-fill openings hiring managers and talent acquisition specialists are willing to… Read more »

When NOT to Work with a Recruiter


While I was out to lunch yesterday I received a voice mail from a recruiter who was very impressed with my actuarial background specifically within the Medicare advantage space. He had a career opportunity for me that he wanted to discuss. Considering the fact that I  am a headhunter without actuarial work experience, it was… Read more »

Medicare Advantage – A Growth Opportunity for Insurers


Why is this chart on Medicare Advantage market share interesting to insurers? One-third of Medicare beneficiaries were covered by private plans in 2017 according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. By 2020, half of Medicare beneficiaries or 38 million people are expected to be in Advantage plans. “11,000 baby boomers age into Medicare… Read more »

I’m an Actuary. Can I be a Data Scientist?


Actuary Becoming a Data Scientist

The data science revolution is impacting actuarial careers.  We are re-running our very popular 8/8/16 blog titled:  I’m an Actuary.  Can I be a Data Scientist? to open the discussion on how actuaries can augment their skill set to take advantage of the explosion of available data.  What do you need to do as an… Read more »

Bundled Payments – Ho hum or a Seismic Event for Health Care?


You may not have heard of this…yet…but the health care system had a seismic event in 2015 when the Obama administration mandated a bundled payment model for joint replacement surgery paid for by Medicare. Ho hum, you say? The health care providers involved, physicians, hospitals, labs and post-acute providers to name just a few, aren’t… Read more »

Meet the Team: Sean Murphy, P&C Actuarial Recruiter


Sean Murphy is an owner.  He bought his first home this year, and he owns his own theater company. Chicago is lucky to have him as a lifetime resident and a lifetime contributor to the arts.  Sean also “owns” two recruiting areas at Smith Hanley Associates. He is the Practice Lead for Credit Risk which… Read more »