Actuarial Artificial Intelligence, Career Risk or Job Reward?


Artificial Intelligence changes

The use of actuarial artificial intelligence scares actuaries. They believe their job security is threatened. Forty years ago actuaries worked in shifts. The early shift calculated estimates, the later shift checked the work. The desktop computer dramatically changed that process but the number of casualty actuaries grew from 1000 in 1977 to 8000 today. The… Read more »

I’m an Actuary. Can I be a Data Scientist?


Actuary Becoming a Data Scientist

The data science revolution is impacting actuarial careers.  We are re-running our very popular 8/8/16 blog titled:  I’m an Actuary.  Can I be a Data Scientist? to open the discussion on how actuaries can augment their skill set to take advantage of the explosion of available data.  What do you need to do as an… Read more »