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Tag: 2016 Trends

market research is essential

Market Research 2016: Adapt or Die?

Mr. Web published an article, “Full-Service MR Firms: ‘Half Gone within Five Years’?” The GreenBook blog argues that the shift to shorter, mobile surveys is actually a growth phase for market research and these emerging

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Pharmaceutical Recruitment: 2016 Outlook

For 2016 Smith Hanley Associates is proud to announce the return of Tracey Gmoser to our Biostatistics practice. We are excited to have her 30 years of client and candidate experience to lead our Biostatistics

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actuaries growth

Actuarial Hiring Trends for 2016

As long as companies continue to focus on offsetting financial risk, job security and career growth for actuaries is assured. Innovation is creating more and different opportunities for candidates who are open to change and

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Credit Industry Hiring

The US credit market saw a large shift in the leaders of the financial industry in 2015. The GE Capital conglomerate announced the sale or spin off of their Retail Credit, Healthcare Financial and Mortgage

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Data Science Trends 2015 to 2016

Never before has business analytics led worldwide discussion as it did in 2015. Data Science and the amount and depth of data being analyzed captured interest from Wall Street to John Q Public’s concern about

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