Check Out Some Video Tips from our Recruiters!



Best Practices for a Company to Avoid Job Offer Rejection

Smith Hanley Recruiters take a minute via video tips to explain the best and worst habits of companies to avoid having job offers rejected.





  • Expedite offer
  • Make offer over the phone or in person – Never email
  • Be prepared to negotiate
  • Include all financial benefits in offer
  • Give one week for candidate decision, if possible

What is the Worst thing a Candidate can do in an Interview?

Smith Hanley Recruiters share stories and video tips for the interview process that could make or break a job candidate.




  • Unprepared with public information
  • Lie
  • Unable to describe self or experience
  • Panic
  • Don’t send “Thank You” notes

What do we do Best for our Clients?

Here are some of the ways Smith Hanley Recruiters are able to provide the best service possible for their clients.





  • Listen
  • Sending vetted and prepared candidates
  • Benchmark marketplace
  • Sending A candidates

What is the Best thing our Recruiters do for Job Seekers?

Here are some ways that Smith Hanley Recruiters work to find the best positions for those working with them.





  • Qualify them for role
  • Listen and understand their search
  • Prepare them
  • Advance career