Political Polls – What is going on?!


We will know the real results tomorrow, but why are political polls getting such a bad rap in the last couple of years? It seems like everything comes down to technology and how it is changing our lives. In this case you can blame the change on mobile phones. Phone Use for Political Polls In… Read more »

Credit Card Crisis Looming?


Credit Card Risk

Excessive subprime mortgage issuances were a fundamental cause of the 2008 economic crisis. Could excessive subprime credit card issuances lead us into another recession? Reuters reported that while big banks do not give clear figures on their profits from credit cards issued, “Executives say cards are among the most profitable of any business with returns… Read more »

8 Reasons MSL Opportunities Will Grow by 20% in 2017


MSL Opportunities Will Grow by 20% in 2017

A 2015 survey by the Medical Science Liaison Society found 20% expected global MSL growth in the next one to two years. What’s driving this growth? 1. “KOLs (key opinion leaders) are demanding it,” says Dr. Samuel Dyer, CEO of the Medical Science Liaison Society. Today’s thought leaders are looking for detailed information as they… Read more »

14.5% (!)Premium Increase for Workman’s Compensation Policies


Increase for Workman's Compensation Policies

    “Unfortunately, the Florida Supreme Court’s ruling is not about safety or protecting workers. The effect of the Castellanos decision is to raise costs for no other reason than so plaintiff trial lawyers can raise fees, “ said Mark Wilson, the Florida Chamber of Commerce President. Rulings at the Florida Supreme Court in Castellanos… Read more »

3 Ways for Pharma Sales Reps to Manage Physician’s Closed Doors


pharma sales reps

What was a pivotal statistic for pharma sales reps in 2015? According to a report put out by ZS Associates the number of physicians who limit in-person access to pharma sales reps crossed the halfway point in 2015, or 53% of doctors are closing the door to visiting reps. Why are physician’s doors closing? Integrated… Read more »

Statistical Communication – A Seat at the Table


Statistical Communication became critical when pharmaceutical companies recognized the need to include statisticians earlier in clinical trial design and trial strategy. The strict requirements of regulatory authorities for granting market access meant decisions made in the clinical trial design could help minimize the sample size of a single study or reduce the time needed for… Read more »

Research Supplier – 5 Steps to Stay On Top!


Research Supplier | Smith Hanley Associates

Quirk’s 2016 Corporate Research Report states: Quirk’s also quoted a common buyer of research supplier services concern: “I want research that is customized to my specific product category and business needs—I don’t want suppliers to force a cookie-cutter approach. I want a final report that contains a clearly-written story with implications and recommendations. I spend… Read more »

Is Labor Day Hiring Affected by the Holiday?


Labor Day Job Search

Whether you see Labor Day as the end of summer, a time for great back to school sales or as it’s true history as a celebration of labor and the U.S. workforce, it is a significant signpost for hiring. As you would expect, hiring managers and human resource professionals come back from their August vacations… Read more »

Disruption – The New Normal



“Disruption is the new normal,” Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP founder and chairman, said recently at Consumer Goods Forum. And in this “disruptive world”, Sorrell explained that disruption was not just about the getting used to sharing low growth economies; but about robotics, 3D printing, even flying cars. Did you know that Google founder Larry Page… Read more »

Basel IV – Are More Regulations on the Way?


Banking Regulations | Smith Hanley Associates

What can the banking industry expect with the new regulations coming out of Basel? History 2004 Basel II 2008 – 2009 The Financial Crisis!!!!!! 2014 Basel III  (Better known as the Revised Securitization Framework) Formalization of a series of reforms that were implemented after the financial crisis to determine the relevant amount of regulatory capital… Read more »