Actuaries Might Be Your Best Friend in Hurricane Season


“It is fair to say that climate change is challenging our long established risk models, especially for wind-based disasters.  In other words, what we now think of as a 1-in-500 year event may no longer be such a low probability incident as storms intensify as a result of climate change,” Sherif El-Tawil, Professor of Civil… Read more »

Machine Learning: Courses and Resources


machine learning engineers

“It is nearly unanimous in most circles which machine learning course is best for newcomers: Andrew Ng’s Coursera offering,” says KD Nuggets. This is the class released in 2011 that sparked the founding of Coursera, a juggernaut in online education. The course is acclaimed online and has a 4.7 star review over 422 ratings. Wait…. Read more »

Data Scientist Fun Facts for 2017


In 2015 67% of data scientists were happy or very happy in their job. What has happened in the last two years? 88% of all data scientists are now happy or very happy in their job. Interested in why this increase, or whether you should pursue a career in this area? CrowdFlower gives us lots… Read more »

Qualitative Research: A Necessity?


I’ve written before about the decline of qualitative research and positions in qualitative research as big data and quantitative measures continue to rise. A recent article in Quirk’s magazine by Laura Cusumano pressed on this key issue, “Can Quantitative Research Succeed Without Qualitative Support?” The answer seems to be no. The intertwining of qualitative and… Read more »

Ecommerce Market Research – The Future?


Getting calls and emails from those getting laid off isn’t unusual in the recruiting business, but I’m seeing more and more from one industry, retail. As brick and mortar stores close due to the rise of ecommerce, market research groups at companies and vendors in the store-based retail industry are feeling the pinch. Slice Intelligence… Read more »

PMSA 2017 – Discover the Magic Recap


PMSA 2017 was held last week in Orlando with a theme of Discover the Magic. It was a terrific conference with over 300 analytic professionals in attendance. If you aren’t familiar with the PMSA (Pharmaceutical Management Science Association) and work in analytics in the health care industry, you are missing out on a great resource… Read more »

10 Takeaways from the Medical Science Liaison Society Salary Survey


data scientist's salary

  Medical Science Liaison – Career Care and Feeding blog detailed an exciting and growing  career path for PharmDs, MDs and PhDs.  Now MSL Executive Recruiter, Nihar Parikh, drills down into the Medical Science Liaison Society Salary Survey with the Top Ten Takeaways. These trends from the Salary Survey are reflective of the industry as… Read more »

Biostatistician – Where Are You Headed?


The use of statistics to support discovery and testing of new medicines has grown exponentially since the 1962 Kefauver-Harris Amendments. These amendments required drug sponsors to prove a product’s safety and efficacy in controlled clinical trials in order to take a product to market. The statistician’s role “to assist the process of developing medicines which… Read more »

Biostatistics – Why Choose This Career?


biostatistics career

U.S. News and World Report said the Best Job in 2016 was statistician. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says jobs in statistics are expected to grow 34% from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the 7% average for all occupations. Add an interest in working in public health and a chance to positively impact… Read more »

Drug Pricing Debate Continues in 2017


pharmaceutical drug pricing

Here’s the recent media history on drug pricing: President Trump saying drug companies are “getting away with murder” and he will work to “bring down drug prices.” High profile price hikes, secret pharmacy deals and arrested CEOs. List prices in other countries of 41% less for the same drugs. Revenues generated by premium pricing in… Read more »