Happy 40th Birthday


Join us in declaring a Happy 41st Birthday for Smith Hanley Associates. It’s appropriate that our birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day.  Our founder, Tom Hanley, had his genealogy done and found out he is 96% Irish. Longevity and consistency are adjectives to describe Smith Hanley. Our average employee tenure is 13 1/2 years with our four partners averaging 34 years!

What does all that experience get for you as a candidate or a client?  You get recruiters with experience, time-tested relationships and in-depth knowledge of their niche and their market. Talented candidates receive informed career advice and clients hire precisely targeted employees.  We specialize in multiple areas including Wall Street quantitative trading and technology, data science and analytics, market research and consumer insights, actuarial science, pharmaceutical sales, training and marketing, pharmaceutical commercial analytics and biostatisticians and clinical data managers.

So faith and begorrah or in American English, by gosh and by golly, put us to work for you.  You will have the luck (and the experience) of the Irish!  Happy 41st Birthday, Smith Hanley Associates.

The Partners and Recruiters at Smith Hanley Associates


Tom Hanley, President, [email protected]

Rick Wastrom, Partner, [email protected]

Jacque Paige, Partner, [email protected]

Jud Smith, Partner, [email protected]

Sandy DeChello, Support Staff, [email protected]

Deirdre Kiniry, Executive Recruiter, [email protected]

Eda Zullo, Executive Recruiter, [email protected]

Jen Fekete, Accounts Receivable Manager, [email protected]

Nancy Darian, Executive Recruiter, [email protected]

Dave Matz, Executive Recruiter, [email protected]

Paul Chatlos, Executive Recruiter, [email protected]

Nihar Parikh, Executive Recruiter, [email protected]

Nancy Ragonese, Executive Recruiter, [email protected]

Lindsey Bartlett, Executive Recruiter, [email protected]

Rory Hauser, Executive Recrutier, [email protected]

Rory O’Neill, Executive Recruiter,  [email protected]

Mike DeLuca, Executive Recruiter, [email protected]

Daniel Wilberschied, Executive Recruiter, [email protected]


Reach out to any of our employees for assistance in your job search or in your hiring need.  We will direct you to the right person to help you.

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