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ZipRecruiter identified ten cities where the typical medical device sales salaries are above the national average. It shouldn’t be a surprise that three cities in high cost of living California top the list: San Francisco, Fremont and San Jose. San Jose beats the national average by $14,062 or 14.0% and San Francisco is even higher at $21,181 or 20.4% above the $93,065 average. Not only does San Francisco have the highest variance from average but it currently has a very active medical device sales job market with multiple companies having multiple openings. Multiple openings with higher average salaries mean economic advancement possibilities for the motivated medical device sales job searcher.

With seven of the top ten cities being in high cost of living California or similarly expensive Connecticut, what are Alaska and Wyoming doing in the mix for highest medical device sales salaries? Research on the open positions in those two states on show very few options, making the average higher than what would be reflected in a healthier market with more job openings. Two of the companies hiring in Alaska, Dexcom and Kinamed, are based out of California probably skewing their salaries higher to maintain internal consistency in those companies.

Interestingly, average medical device sales salaries only vary by 10% from the top paying city, San Francisco, to number ten, Norwalk, CT. The possibility of a lower cost of living city may be the best factor to use for financial advancement when considering location and salary for a medical device sales role. Of course, not everyone can relocate to Alaska or Wyoming but keeping this idea in mind for other low cost of living states could make a big difference in what is in your pocket.


    City                                  Average Salary

San Francisco, CA               $114,247

Fremont, CA                          $109,672

San Jose, CA                          $107,128

Oakland, CA                           $105,956

Tanaina, AK                           $105,660

Wasilla, AK                            $105,658

Sunnyvale, CA                       $104,347

Hayward, CA                          $103,736

Jackson, WY                          $103,183

Norwalk, CT                           $103,042


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