Smith Hanley recruiters are ready to assist you in hiring or finding your next position in the fields of Data Science, Actuarial Science, Market Research, Biostatistics, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales, Medical Science Liaisons and Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics. See our testimonial page on our website to see what our clients and candidates say about us. We are really good at what we do! We are also fun and unique in what makes us interesting people.

Actuarial Science Recruiters

Rory Hauser, [email protected]
Rory is not only building a first class recruiting team to serve the actuarial market, he is an accomplished welder and well versed in steel fabrication. Put his career building skills to work for you.

Chris Buckley, [email protected]
Chris has been to the NIT Sweet Sixteen when he was a basketball coach at Manhattan College. He has been successful helping actuaries find their next sweet position.

Matt Kelly, [email protected]
Matt has traveled all over the country in the last twenty years visiting more than 50 NFL, NBA and MLB stadiums to support his teams on the road: the Jets, Mets and Knicks. Put that loyalty to work for you in your next career change.

Data Science Recruiters

Paul Chatlos, [email protected]
Although he never went professional, Paul has been juggling anything from oranges to bottles for over thirty years, or almost as long as Smith Hanley has been in business.

Nancy Darian, [email protected]
As a history buff, Nancy spends her vacations visiting world heritage sites like the Red Fort in Delhi, the Taj Mahal in Agra and the ruins of Pompeii in Italy as well as museums like the Vatican in Rome and the Louvre in Paris. She comes back refreshed and ready to work hard on your behalf.

Market Research Recruiter

Lindsey Bartlett, [email protected]
Lindsey loves music and has been working behind the scenes of a global music festival, Lollapalooza, for the past ten years as their transportation manager. While she always has an interesting time meeting musicians and listening to music, she’s happy to get back to her role leading the market research recruiting practice at Smith Hanley.

Biostatistics and Clinical Data Management Recruiter

Nihar Parikh, [email protected]
Nihar grew up in India playing competitive chess. When he moved to the United States he found himself caught up in more active sports like football, basketball and baseball. Although he finds his playing days over, the mental patience he learned from chess and the competitiveness that came out in the U.S. sports, serve him, his candidates and clients well in recruiting.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales and Medical Science Liaisons Recruiters

Nancy Ragonese, [email protected]
Nancy has an ex-racehorse named Rosie who she enjoys training in the discipline of dressage when she isn’t racing on behalf of her clients and candidates in pharmaceutical sales recruiting

Ken Kupersmith, [email protected]
Ken grew up on the red clay tennis courts of his father’s tennis club. He has been to all four tennis majors, Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and U.S. Open, and the competitiveness he learned from playing and watching tennis serves him well in recruiting and placing Medical Science Liaisons.

Gary Cavanagh, [email protected]

Gary grew up with four sisters, lived in seven different states and had three trips to the emergency room before the age of two. As you can imagine he has excellent coping skills. Put them to use for you in your medical device sales hiring needs or your job search.

Pharmaceutical Commercial Analytics Recruiter

Eda Zullo, [email protected]
Eda is a true New Englander, born and bred in New York, living the last thirty years in Connecticut with a daughter in Boston and married to an alumni of Providence College in Rhode Island. Her favorite thing to do is enjoy, explore and tan on the saltwater beaches of Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, finding time to do that is difficult with the demands of her thriving recruiting services to the pharmaceutical industry in commercial analytics.

Do you feel like you know us a little bit better? We’d love to get to know you better in 2020. Put our services to work for you!

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