As an Executive Recruiter for the past 17 years, I have spoken with, literally, thousands of people about themselves, their career pain points and aspirations. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I love people’s stories, it’s just my nature.

I also love connecting the right person with the right next step in their career. It’s gratifying, and makes all the challenging bits of the job worthwhile. Often, the focus is on coaching candidates through the process of getting the job. However, once you have your dream job, what is going to make you that stellar colleague and employee?

In pondering this question, I happened across Travis Bradberry’s article in Entrepreneur, 10 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently. His stellar colleague list is:

  1. They speak with certainty.
  2. They seek out small victories.
  3. They exercise.
  4. They don’t seek attention.
  5. They don’t pass judgement.
  6. They get their happiness from within.
  7. They listen more than they speak.
  8. They take risks.
  9. They aren’t afraid to be wrong.
  10. They celebrate other people’s successes.

I doubt anyone would disagree with this list. They’d add some, or consider some less important. I myself, agree with all 10 wholeheartedly. However, after years of hearing candidate stories, some of these I thought worthwhile to point out.

All hail #4!

Bradberry states, these people, “don’t crave approval or praise because they draw their self-worth from within.” Who doesn’t want praise? We all crave validation to a certain extent, don’t we? People leave jobs exactly for the reason of not getting praised or recognized for their work. I know, I hear it firsthand! He clarifies this statement by saying, “When they’re receiving attention for an accomplishment, they quickly shift the focus to all the people who worked hard to help get them there.” If you manage people, I’d say, always remember and acknowledge the people that helped you achieve your success. You want them there with you tomorrow!

Which brings me to #5.

Yes please! “They don’t need to take other people down a notch in order to feel good about themselves.” Remember, today’s colleague could be tomorrow’s networking opportunity to a new and exciting role. People like to work with people they like to work with! And it’s good karma.

And I’ll just conclude with #7.

They listen more than they speak. There is information in words and silences. We are so bombarded all day everyday with so much information it can be hard to take it all in. In my job, I really need to listen. I’m a talker too, so it’s not always easy! But listening is an art. Be the stellar colleague who listens!

I could talk for days on the other excellent points he makes, they are all so true. But, I must now force myself to go exercise.

Rachel Pereira, Smith Hanley Associates’ Executive Recruiter and Digital and Direct Marketing Practice Lead.  You can reach Rachel for all your job search and hiring needs at 203.319-4307 or [email protected]

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