Do You Love Math and Science?

You love the combination of math and science. You can foresee yourself taking three semesters of calculus, a semester of linear algebra and maybe an introductory course on probability and/or statistics. If you plan on going on for a PhD, courses in real analysis and matrix algebra excite you. For science, biology, epidemiology, ecology or even chemistry add another interesting dimension to your skill set. You recognize that computer coursework emphasizing the study of algorithms and optimization will be useful along with programming skills and statistical packages like SAS, R and Python. In a 2016 study MONEY and Payscale found the #1 most valuable career skill in terms of pay premium in the marketplace was SAS expertise.


Is Pursuing an Advanced Degree in Your Future?

Katherine Monti, Principal Statistical Scientist at Rho, Inc., says, “The more demanding the degree, the greater the range of opportunities and, in general, the higher the salary that you can command.” A PhD in Biostatistics along with excellent written and oral communication skills will open many doors of opportunity. A Masters in Biostatistics can progress through the roles of Statistician, Senior Statistician and Principle Statistician but to move onto Manager, Director or even Head of Biostatistics a PhD is often required. Another study by PayScale found the #1 graduate degree in the U.S. is a PhD in Statistics with a median salary of $131,700 and projected job growth by 2022 of 23.7%. What was #2? A Master’s in Biostatistics with $113,400 median salary and 21.3% job growth. They not only top the list due to median salary and job growth but also due to high job satisfaction and low stress ratings.

Biostatistics May be the Career For You !


Working in the Life Sciences particularly in Research or Pharma will allow you to make a difference. Your input as a biostatistician in clinical trials or other drug development processes works toward the creation of life saving drugs and treatment. You will be advising on standard operating procedures from a statistical point of view, writing reports for senior management and clients, establishing statistical methodology and statistical analysis plans as well as bringing your statistical expertise to decision-making meetings. This work will change people’s lives.

Interested in talking about a career in Biostatistics? Contact Smith Hanley Associates‘ Pharmaceutical Recruiter, Nikki Quist at [email protected] or 203.319-4306.


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