Digital Marking spending in 2017 will SURPASS information technology related spending. (Gartner) $3.4 trillion was spent in 2015 on IT. That is A LOT of marketing spend.

Where should your 2017 budget money go?

1. Invest in Social and measure that investment with Social Analytics

The Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Statistical Fact Book (SFB) reports that 47% of marketers believe that social channels offer the greatest opportunity. The SFB goes on to say social media will grow to 24% of marketing budgets within five years, up from 10% today. But 70% of companies are not collecting data from social media channels to measure the effectiveness of this spend.


2. Video, Video, Video AND Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Four times as many consumers prefer digestible video content over text. Seven billion videos are watched each every day on Facebook and YouTube. (Animoto) Timely, relevant and responsive means more consumers. And, where are they consuming these videos? On the smartphones 4 out of 5 Americans carry with them every day. The growth trend in wearable devices will only add to this immediate access.


3. Cross Device Marketing

Ugh. If you thought the first two were going to be a challenge, this is the hard one. The DMA SFB reports that the average consumer is now connected through five addressable devices breeding opportunities and headaches of equal proportion for marketers. 69% of those marketers say they do not have data alignment within their companies to manage this effectively.


Need some help navigating these turbulent waters? Rachel Pereira, Practice Lead for Digital and Direct Marketing at Executive Recruiters, Smith Hanley Associates, is ready to assist you. You can reach her at 203.319-4307 or [email protected].


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