[email protected] did an analysis of LinkedIn data to determine the gap between the supply of an Information Technology skill and the demand for that skill. “A negative gap number indicates an opportunity for job seekers to make themselves more marketable by developing that skill and for companies to develop the skill within their workforce.”


Supply* Demand % Gap
IT Audit 46 61 -23
Hadoop 60 70 -14
Puppet 62 71 -12
NoSQL 61 70 -12
Big Data 60 66 -10
Python 56 62 -9
SCCM 53 58 -9
Oracle Applications 55 57 -3
Mobile Technology 52   53 -3
Server Architecture 59 59 -1
Agile Methodologies 58 59 0
Unix 57 57 1
Databases 54 54 1
Enterprise Architecture 57 53 8
Solution Architecture 60 54 11
Cloud Computing 61 53 15
IT Strategy 56 47 18
IT Operations 55 46 19
ITIL 56 46 23
Help Desk Support 54 40 33
IT Service Management 58 43 35

* How many times more likely a person is to have a particular
skill than the general population of LinkedIn users.


Glassdoor’s 25 Best Jobs in America for 2016 included Solutions Architect and Mobile Developer in the top five. They earned that ranking because the number of job openings, salary level and career opportunities were best in class. Interestingly Solutions Architecture seems to have more supply than demand, at least in the [email protected] analysis of LinkedIn data. Why the discrepancy?

Riff Shaheen, Executive Recruiter in Information Technology at Smith Hanley Associates, believes that many candidates have some solutions architecture exposure but candidates with in-depth experience and the leadership skills to drive the direction of the “solutions” and the team are a rare find. These strong candidates often also have programming language and database skills. They are the most well rounded of candidates.

Candidates with expertise in mobile technology are much more focused in their skill set. Mobile developers spend their days coding and troubleshooting software as well as documenting the systems they design and develop. Specific experience with Android and/or IOS systems is often required as well as knowledge of agile and scrum methodologies.

Looking to hire or find a new position in Information Technology? Contact Riff Shaheen, Executive Recruiter at Smith Hanley Associates, at [email protected] or 203-319-4300. She would love to help you fulfill all of your information technology needs.


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