Rachel Pereira, Executive Recruiter, in Direct and Digital Marketing at Smith Hanley Associates talks about some of the latest trends in her specialty recruiting niche.

What are the two words that keep me up at night? SOCIAL MEDIA! Is Social Media keeping you up at night, too? Perhaps for different reasons?! Our clients, across all sectors, are actively pursuing social media strategists to drive brand awareness and engage their follower base. Some clients are even taking social media to its next level and using the medium to generate business innovation. Opportunities will abound wherever social media is leveraged in the future.

Multi-channel digital marketing is a hot topic these days in pharmaceutical companies. These firms want to do a better job of reaching out to their health care providers and consumers. Where once these positions were filled by agencies and consultants, these very corporate, very successful companies are looking to build their in-house talent.

In-depth industry experience in product marketing roles has always been critical but never more so than now. Software product marketing, especially CRM products, is a growth industry.

In recruiting trends within Direct and Digital Marketing, I am finding my clients more cognizant than ever about candidates’ need for a good cultural fit and the desire to be part of a team with a solid mission. This recognition is a positive trend which indicates that not only attracting top talent but keeping top talent is a paramount concern.

Rachel Pereira and Smith Hanley Associates stand ready to meet all of your recruiting needs in the digital and direct marketing space. Give her a call or email today.

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