2015 has been a phenomenal year for the Big Data industry. Existentially many have debated the likely non-existence (or rarity) of Data Scientists and Unicorns! All of you have either been searching as hiring managers or are being courted as candidates by organizations around the world given the halo of “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century“!

In 2016, astrologers are predicting our entry into the world of ‘Data Singularity’.

As organizations strive to derive value from ALL of their data in one giant Hadoop maneuver, it is no longer even about the Internet-of-Things but Internet-of-Everything! As streets, car bumpers, doors, hydroelectric dams, all with a tiny sensor (Internet-of-Things), connect all those devices and sensors to far-off data centers and servers, organizations will be striving to make sense of ALL that information (Internet-of-Everything).

And so, we will continue purposefully as members of ‘the hottest profession’, directing servers to send back commands to whatever the sensors are connected to, to automatically turn up the heat at home ahead of cold weather moving in, to make streetlights behave differently when traffic gets bad, and maybe even making insurance companies pay instantly after being automatically fed information about a fender-bender accident!

In this emerging scenario, we too have created a ‘Singularity’ of our own. We are thrilled to announce that Southport Search and Managing Director, Sharad Dabral with ALL her data and resources will merge with sister company Smith Hanley Associates and join forces with their Managing Partner, Jacque Paige. Our goal is to create a bigger and better unified singular practice focused on sourcing senior leaders and best in class executive talent. This new practice will continue its niche focus on senior and executive roles in advanced analytics, research and data sciences. As before we will operate in the cross functional space, leveraging interplay between industries, data and scientists and working with forward looking clients wanting to accelerate the pace of adoption of data science’s best practices with hiring of high-end senior and executive talent to gain that competitive edge!

Together we plan to derive more value from our composite experiences and network aimed at better serving the emerging needs of our joint client base.The new practice will engage either on Contingency basis (true to the successful Smith Hanley model) or as a Retained Search Partner (mirroring the successful model of Southport Search). Being able to choose between the two options will allow our clients maximum flexibility and fit individual needs across speed, focus or specialization. Decision criteria could be cultural and past practices, urgency, complexity or difficulty of hiring for the role. And sometimes a critical hire may require deep dive in to the talent pool across industries or proactive sourcing at the high end for exceptional candidates. Either way we will hit the ground running, especially if you already have a fee agreement in place as many of Smith Hanley’s major clients do!

Sharad Dabral has run Southport Search as a niche practice since 2007, sourcing the next generation of Senior and Executive leadership and talent. Having previously built and managed large analytical teams for MasterCard, Cendant, New York Life, Rapp, and AT&T, Sharad leverages her prior experience and specialized capabilities to be a unique partner in this niche. You will find she offers significant added value for hiring at the top end of the spectrum crisscrossing industries, sourcing candidates that blend requisite hard and soft skills to lead techno-analytical teams of future, and who fit well into each client’s cultural nuance. Sharad delights in delivering fewer but right-on-target quality candidates saving clients time and resources.

As we look to the future, we would welcome your endorsement in opening the door for an introductory conversation with future clients, or a referral to your peers, hiring manager or human resources team member. We know they will benefit greatly by working with Sharad as their recruiter because she too was a candidate and a hiring manager once and faced the exact same challenges.

We look forward to connecting with you in 2016!

Sharad Dabral                                      Jacque Paige
Managing Director                               Managing Partner
Southport Search International            Smith Hanley Associates, LLC

The new combined practice will continue to focus on Advanced Analytics, Cross-Media, Research, Business Intelligence, Informatics, including Sales, Business Development and sourcing top notch talent to harness emerging technological trends in Digital and Data Sciences. For examples of our most recent successes in supporting C-suite, Practice Leaders or sourcing talent for futuristic Techno-Analytical innovative roles, visit (soon to be Smith Hanley Associates).

As always you can reach Sharad at 203-255-1300 or email her at [email protected].com

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