In today’s economy it is clear that companies not only rely on Information Technology, they can’t compete without it. Over the next few years IT will have the biggest slice of the corporate budget.

What were the hiring issues in 2015 that challenged our client’s IT investment?

1. A rise in Data Governance, Hadoop and Big Data opportunities without a corresponding increase in trained talent.
2. An increase in demand for mobile and open source developers as both of those markets exploded.
3. Because of the shortage of talent interested in permanent hire, flexibility was required for remote hires, engaging off shore talent and accepting candidates with Visa issues.

What do we see as additional challenges for 2016?

1. With the new Apple, Android pay and other mobile payment systems, we should see a rise in network security jobs.
2. Consulting roles and remote work candidates will be necessary evils to get the work done while continuing to hunt for the elusive permanent hire.
3. Investment in IT support for sales and customer support will most directly boost profits.

Smith Hanley Associates stands ready to assist you in meeting your difficult hiring needs, or in assisting you in your job search. Yes, it is a difficult market, but an exciting and ultimately fulfilling one on a personal and corporate level.

Riff Shaheen, IT Practice Lead, [email protected], 203-319-4303
David Surreira, Executive Recruiter, [email protected], 203-319-4316


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