Accepted a new job? Check. Ready to relocate? Check. Transition plan in place? Ummmm…What transition plan? How well you handle the exit from your current company is a measure of your level of professionalism. Word of an effective transition could even reach your new company. Word of a bad exit definitely will. Take the high road. Do it right. Follow these steps:

I hate this job. I can’t stand my boss. I think the company products are poor to bad. DON’T DO THIS! My new company offers a growth opportunity I don’t see here. My compensation is more in line with the marketplace at my new job. My new company offers to train me in the latest application in my niche. DO THIS!

Provide as much time to your current company as possible without incurring the wrath of your new employer. During the two to four weeks remaining at your employer, be positive. Wrap up projects efficiently. Assist your supervisor in hiring and training your replacement. Maintain good relationships with your co-workers. Colleagues may not remember you putting in 18 hour days to finish up but they will remember you coming in late, leaving early and bad mouthing their firm.

Prepare a formal resignation letter to your direct supervisor and deliver it in person. Copy HR and prepare yourself for a possible counteroffer and an exit interview. Avoid any counteroffer discussions as more than half of all people who accept counteroffers leave their jobs within 24 months. Exit interviews are not the time to air your grievances. Stick to your positive “story” and avoid burning any bridges.

Staying positive with your direct supervisor and co-workers will pay off long-term but perhaps even more important is to meet with your internal mentors and clients to let them know you are leaving and why. These relationships have value in your future. Nurture them!

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