Smith Hanley Associates Information Technology Practice Lead, Ann Gambardella, discusses the trends expected in her recruiting area for 2015.

Ann’s work in information technology complements the placements being made by the analytic recruiters at Smith Hanley. And, as the analytic recruiters discussed a few weeks ago in this blog, the growth in available streaming of unstructured data and the data scientists to analyze it is where it’s at for 2015. While traditional data warehousing, along with Netezza and Teradata skills, remain in demand; familiarity with Big Data and Hadoop development is becoming critically important for information architects, data managers, developers and engineers.

For 2015 there are many jobs popping up in the Business Intelligence technology field, but the roles are more narrowly defined. Companies can each have a distinct set of job titles and responsibilities to cover the different aspects of the creation and support of the data platforms used for statistical analysis, campaign generation, web analytics and dashboard reporting. Candidates must assess each job description/position very closely to determine where it falls in the spectrum of expertise.

The area that sits between IT and Analytics is becoming a viable career path. These roles can pay between $90,000 and $150,000 but titles may vary from data architect, data analyst, information architect and data manager to data steward.

Defining positions gets even more difficult when you include unstructured data, better known as Big Data, needs. The talent for understanding and processing unstructured data is a new skill set. A current opening at Smith Hanley with a large insurance company pays up to $160K but requires strong technical skills as well as the soft skills of data management, data sourcing and data governance.

The IT hiring landscape is fluid and connecting with an experienced recruiter to help you navigate these changes is critical. Matching your experience to the varied position definitions out there is something Ann Gambardella at Smith Hanley is well positioned and eager to do. Call or email her today.

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