Do you have great IT skills and impressive technology experience, but your job search – or worse, your career – is going nowhere? You may be making one or both of the most common resumes mistakes made by IT professionals. What are they, and how can you fix them?

Your resume provides recruiters and hiring managers with a critical first impression of who you are and what you offer. And when you work in a competitive field like IT, you have to do everything you can to ensure your resume gets noticed – for the right reasons. Making a bad first impression is the fastest way to get your resume moved into the ‘No’ pile.

So, what’s the biggest mistake made on IT resumes?

Just like with any other group of professionals, the mistake is focusing too much on past accomplishments.  This can be hard to accept for some people, especially when it seems like there’s more to say about an old job than a more current one. But a hiring manager doesn’t want to see paragraphs of information on a job you held more than 10 years ago, especially when the details on your current or last position are skimpy.  Make sure your employment details are well-balanced and portray a well-rounded image of your abilities and expertise.

And #2?

Job seekers often fall into the trap of listing their job duties, rather than highlighting accomplishments. In the highly competitive industry of IT, it is vital that your resume emphasizes specific accomplishments that you have achieved. For example, consider highlighting network solutions you have built, discuss major projects you have completed, or highlight industry awards or recognitions you have achieved. If you don’t showcase your accomplishments, you run the risk of having your resume instantly discarded because you only provided a list of core job duties.

Still wonder if your resume is the problem? Or could it be something else? Feel free to contact the IT recruiting experts at Smith Hanley. We’d be happy to review your resume, your credentials and even your interview style while helping you find your next great job.

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